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Item No. 07-100
Luscious Leaves Necklace
Item No. 07-128
Bronze and Cream with Geode Slice
Item No. 07-125
Japanese Rose Buds with Bracelet
Item No. 07-85
Hand painting on M.O.P.
Item No. 07-82
Roses N Lilacs (q)
Item No. 07-96
Pink and Purple Bib Necklace
Item No. 07-145
Purple and Greenish Bib Necklace - Silver Fringe
Item No. 07-146
Paua Shell Cab with Seaweed Frame (Not Available)
Item No. 07-147
Large Titanium Coated Crystals Framed with Seed Beads and Swarovski Crystals
Item No. 07-148
Large Smooth Desert Rose Draped with Cryltals and Leaves
Item No. 07-149
Carved Bone Face Framed by Seedbeads, Draped with Fringe
Item No. 07-150
Landscape picture Rock Framed by seedbeads, Draped with Fringe
Item No. 07-129
Black and Shades of Gray
Item No. 07-22
Peach Druzzy Quartz Necklace
Item No. 07-141
Lacy Hearts on Woven chain
Item No. 07-142
Lavender Desert Rose