Loom Art by Bud

Bud at work on his Loom.

Bud at Work

Born in 1928, Herbert (Bud) W. Butrick worked in the West Virginia coal mines until his early 20s when he move to Ohio.

Retiring after 33 years of working at the Cleveland Ford Stamping Plant, Bud began to help his late wife with her newfound passion for beading. His calloused and work worn hands proved to make working with the ultra-fine beads difficult, so, he started building custom looms to help hold the beads at even spacing.

Bud passed away in 2016, but many examples of his art exist and are for sale.

Loom Art Samples

Here are some samples of Bud's work. Some of these pieces which came from patterns created by other artists took an unbelievable number of hours to complete. Following these patterns to make these works of art Bud and his wife Berrie went on to create many other variations from patterns as well as their own unique inspirations.


Indian Split Loom Giant Polar Bear Necklace Veiled Lady Colored Diamonds